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ReFlections Fall 2010


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The first article in this edition highlights major changes in the staging protocol for skin cancer as discussed in the 7th edition of the Cancer Staging Manual published by the American Joint Committee on Cancer. The second article discusses the benefits and challenges of the PSA screening test for prostate cancer. 

ReFlections is RGA’s underwriting newsletter, written by RGA experts. It presents underwriters and medical directors with timely, in-depth information to assist with underwriting. 


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The Authors

  • Dr. Carl Holowaty
    Senior Vice President
    Chief Medical Director (ret.)
  • Dr. Robert Coates
    M.D., DBIM, FLMI
    Vice President and Medical Director (former)


RGA reviews significant facts about melanoma of the skin and its pre-malignant conditions, as well as changes in the staging protocol for skin cancer. RGA also discusses prostate cancer statistics, risk factors and the histological grading of prostate cancer differentiation.
Download "ReFlections Fall 2010"
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  • PSA
  • skin cancer