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Insuring Asia

The young, the old and the very rich

Asia region economies are currently enjoying some of the highest growth rates in the world. Several trends – economic, demographic, technological and more – are ramping up complexity in Asia’s many markets, sparking demand for a fuller range of savings, living benefits and protection products. RGA’s Michael Shin, CEO, RGA Korea, discusses these profound changes and rising protection needs.  

Reprinted with permission of The Asia Insurance Review (AIR)

Reprinted with permission of The Asia Insurance Review (AIR)
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The Author

  • Michael Shin

    Senior Vice President
    RGA Hong Kong
    Chief Executive Officer
    RGA Korea
    Chief Marketing Officer
    RGA Asia
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Mr Michael S. Shin, CEO, RGA Korea, looks at the demographic trends shaping Asia and the need for insurers to adapt their solutions to the tech-savvy millennial, high net worth individual and the senior.
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