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Europe, Middle East and Africa


RGA's Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Global Financial Solutions team serves clients from five major financial centers across Europe and supports clients across multiple nations. Every RGA GFS solution draws on our extensive financial reinsurance, longevity and asset-intensive product lines and deep knowledge of local and global markets. 

  • Our unique position in the region as a U.S.-based reinsurer gives RGA great flexibility to address our clients' needs. 
  • The EMEA GFS team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to each transaction. Led by Paul Sauvé in Cologne, Germany, the team includes André de Vries (serving the Netherlands and Nordics region), Axel James (serving France and Belgium), and Juan de Ipiña (serving Spain and Portugal). All other EMEA markets are served directly by Paul and the rest of the EMEA GFS team in Cologne.
  • Each transaction is tailored to the individual client, based on a detailed sharing of information and objectives, and backed by the financial strength of RGA. 
  • The GFS team offers a wide range of solutions to address Solvency II (SAM in South Africa), International Financial Reporting Standards, and local statutory accounting objectives.

Meet Our EMEA Team

Axel James

Jun 16, 2020, 22:24 PM
Title : Axel James
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Position : Director, Business Development, EMEA, GFS
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Director, Business Development, EMEA
Global Financial Solutions 
Director, Business Development, EMEA
Global Financial Solutions 
Axel James is Director, Business Development, EMEA, for Global Financial Solutions (GFS). Primarily targeting saving and retirement products, he focuses on capital-motivated reinsurance under European regulations and for accounting purposes. He is based in Paris and is responsible for France, Belgium, and Luxembourg markets.

Axel has experience across financial sectors, mainly as an actuarial consultant for insurance companies on asset, liability, and risk management issues. He began his career as a financial engineer in Société Générale corporate and investment banking, helping to structure interest rate derivatives and fund derivatives.

Axel has two Master’s degrees: one in market finance and one in banking and finance from Sorbonne University. He also received a Master's degree in actuarial science from CNAM University and is a qualified member of the French Institute of Actuaries.
Axel James